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Introduction to SAP software and its Architecture

SAP Architecture Introduction
Client and Server configurations
Instance and Characteristics of a Central Instance
AS ABAP Work processes
How SAP system communicates with the database
Process flow for a dialog step
Difference between Database Transaction and SAP Transaction
Process flow for user requests
Significance of lock mechanism

Preparing for SAP software installation

How to install VMware workstation
Installing Operating Systems
Setting FQDN for SAP system instalaltion
Configuring performance settings
Installing Configuring and Testing J2SDK
Installing Oracle Software using SAP provided tool

How to install SAP Netweaver Application Server – Central System

How to install SAP system in Distributed Environment
How to do Prerequisites check for SAP installations
Installing Central Service Instance Global Host preparation
Installing Database Instance

Completing Distributed Installation
Installing Central Instance (Primary Application Server)
Installing dialog instance (Additional Application Server)

Installing and configuring Front End Software-

Installing SAP GUI for Windows
Applying patch to SAP GUI for Windows
Installing SAP GUI for Java
Configuring SAP GUI for HTML

SAP Start and Stop procedures
How to start SAP system using SAP MMC
How to stop SAP system using SAP MMC
How to start SAP system using command prompt
How to stop SAP system using command prompt
How to log on to SAP system
Identifying different Toolbars within SAP Easy access screen

Post Installation activities
Installation check
Installing SAP License
TMS configuration
Importing profiles
Changing default client

SAP System configuration
Introduction to profile files and maintenance
Consistency check of SAP system profiles
Profile files at operating system level
How to maintain instance profile
What is start profile and how to recognize
How to maintain default profile of an SAP system

Concept of Operation modes and Configuration

What is the concept of Operation modes
How to configure time table
How to assign the instances
How to configure Operation modes
How to switch Opeation modes manually

User Administration
Basics of user administration and authorization concept
User administration in SAP system
Mass user maintenance
Login Parameters

SAP Security
What is Security and Authorization concept
How to create a role using some T-codes
How to create a role using standard role
Hoiw to create a role using Reports
How to create a role using template
Missing authorization concept
How to download and upload a single role in an SAP system

Client Administration
What is a client in an SAP system
How to create a client in SAP system
Logging into new client
Client copy Local
Remote client copy
Client export and import
Post client import processing
Deleting client
How to use scc1 t code

RFC Administration

What is RFC
Creating RFC destinations
Testing RFC connection
Performing connection test
Performing unicode test
Remote login

SAP system Landscape
SAP System landscape
Configuring single system landscape in SAP Netweaver
Configuring two system landscape in SAP Netweaver
Configuring three system landscape in SAP Netweaver
Configuring multisystem landscape in SAP Netweaver
How to configure backup domain controller in TMS
Checking TMS configuration
Creating TMS System landscape
Creating transport roots

Performing Transports
Creating customizing transport request
Tranporting single role using customizing request
Creating sample ABAP program
Tranporting object using workbench request

Daily tasks of SAP Basis administrator
Daily tasks in SAP system management
SAP service market place Browsing
SAP community network Browsing
SAP Notes database

Background Administration
Fundamentals of background processing
How to create variant for an ABAP program
How to schedule time dependent jobs in an SAP system
How to create an event in SAP system
How to schedule event based background job
How to trigger an event
How to schedule a background job using job wizard

Spool Administration

Output processing in the SAP system
How to create printer and spool server in the SAP system
How to set default printer for a specific user
Difference between local printing, remote printing and front-end printing

SAP Software maintenace
How to apply patches to an SAP system using SPAM t code
How to install Add on in an SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7 IDES system
How to install BI_CONT Add on in an SAP system
How to use SNOTE to apply the corrections within the SAP system

Database Administration
How to start and stop oracle instance of an SAP system
How to perform offline oracle database backup in SAP system
How to create new table space in the oracle database in an sap system
How to drop a table space in the oracle database in an sap system
How to extend tablespace in the oracle database in an SAP system
How to administer database using dbacockpit

How to install ECC system
Prepring for ERP Installation
Installation ERP Central Core Component

How to install SAP Solution Manager
Preparing system for AS ABAP + AS Java system (Dual-Stack)
Performing SAP Solution Manager installation

How to install Enterprise Portal
Preparing system for AS Java Installation
Performing SAP Enterprise Portal installation

How to create group and then create an user with group assignment in AS Java system
How to use Enterprise portal to administer user account in AS JAVA system
How to assign nwa_Readonly role in Java AS UME
How to create new role using UME in AS Java system
How to logon to AS JAVA UME Administration Console
How to create new user and then copy it to another user account in AS Java UME console
How to export and import user data from UME administration console of AS JAVA system
How to download current configuration file from UME of AS Java system


How to install HANA
Installing SUSE Enterprise 12 SP3 for SAP Applications
Preparing SUSE 12 SP3 Linux to install HANA Platform 2.0 and then complete the Installation
Installing HANA Studio in the same host where SAP HANA Database server was installed
How to access SAP HANA Lifecycle management tools
How to stop and start HANA Database Server using HDB commands
How to stop and start HANA Database Server using SAP HANA studio
How to install SHINE content in HANA Database server
How to add SHINE Administrator role to SYSTEM account


System copies
Export folder preparation from source SAP system
Performing installation to build target system


Troubleshooting SAP systems
Troubleshooting disp work dispatcher gray stopped in an SAP system
How to restore the database from a database backup
How to read log files and rectify if any problem
How to use System trace


SAP System Monitoring and Performance Tuning
Introduction to system monitoring
Creating CCMS Monitor set and Monitor
Properties variants and threshold values
Configuring central monitoring


Summary of course and information about certifications
Discussion about what you learn during the course
Material to read for certification
How to write online certifications (Limited)
How to browse and get information about various certifications
How to lauch SAP systems online (Offical Network)